Get Ready To Move

Preparing for a move, whether across town or across the state, can be as stressful as it is exciting. With a little planning, the right mover and a bit of luck you should be able to get through it without a nervous breakdown.

Ask a Professional For Advice Early On:

Consider engaging a professional moving company as soon as possible. There are a number of recommendations and helpful hints your mover can give you that will make the move easier on you.

Decide What’s Important:

You can save a lot of money by packing or handling the bulky, unbreakable stuff yourself. So decide where you are going to draw the line between stuff you’re packing into your car and shipping on the truck. Remember, if you pack your own boxes the mover is not responsible for anything broken inside.

We recommend professional packing if the following items are going on the truck:

  • Electronics
  • Mirrors, glass table tops, framed pictures
  • Dinnerware, glassware that is fragile or valuable
  • Glass or breakable table top lamps (if possible take the lampshades with you in the car or pack them yourself)

Decide Just How Much Work You Want Off Your Back

You have a lot to think about at both ends of the move. Decide where you need to spend your time and energy while preserving your sanity.

Mark your boxes

  • Make sure boxes are marked based on where they are going in the new place not where they were in the old place
  • Mark important boxes with “open first”, think about what you are going to need the first couple of days.

Before You Move Out

  • Purge/sell/donate before you pack. There is nothing like opening a box and finding stuff you don’t need at the new house
  • Address changes
  • Forward mail
  • Power/Cable/Phone cut off
  • Cleaning (think about hiring a cleaner to come in after everything is out of the house)

Before You Move In

  • Change locks
  • See if the mover can hold or delay delivery by 24 hours or so if you need the time
  • Clean the place before your furniture arrives (again think about hiring someone)
  • Painting the walls (much easier to do without furniture)
  • Give yourself a break and don’t try to set up and unpack everything the first day

Remember, if you pick the right mover he will partner with you to assure a happy and stress free moving experience. FL Movers R Us knows how to make your move the right move.

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