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Packing for Your Move, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
When most folks think about moving they worry about the bedroom set, the piano or dining room table. You certainly don’t want anything broke or scratched and that is a realistic expectation you should have of the mover you choose.
On the other hand it’s the small, breakable and valuable items that are at the greatest risk during your move. One solution is to move some of that, a little at a time in your own car. Many times that option isn’t is not practical.

Professional Packing Service
FL Movers R Us offers professional packing services that are guaranteed and insured. If you are moving dinnerware, glassware or other breakables we recommend you allow us to pack the safely and securely. This will assure they arrive in one piece without you having to deal with the work and worry.

Pack Yourself, We Can Help
It makes sense for many homeowners to pack some items themselves. Linens, pots and pans and clothing do not require any special packing strategy. FL Movers R Us can provide you with all the packing boxes and packing materials you’ll need.
During the estimate meeting we can tell you what you’ll need and even drop it off for you when you are ready.

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