Overnight Storage


When You Move Timing is Everything

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? When magically everything goes exactly as planned? How often has that happened to you? In reality, the complexity of a home or office move is a logistical challenge that can feel like the planning of a space mission.

One objective is trying to make sure the day you move out and the day you move in are perfectly timed. Inevitably, last minute snags in construction, closing or other turnover issues means you can’t get in to your new place when you need to.

Disaster? Nope we can work with you to make sure your possessions are safe and secure until you need them delivered.

Close to Close Storage Services

With most movers a delay in delivery means your possessions are unloaded from your truck and set out in a warehouse until you call for them. It usually takes an extra day or so for them to free up a truck, reload the furniture and deliver. That means your possessions are handled at least two additional times before being delivered to you.

FL Movers R Us Works With You

FL Movers R Us is different. We will work with you. If the delay is just a few days we’ll hold your truck aside and deliver right away, the day you need you need it. That’s personalized short term storage with a difference. We know this means less stress for you and a better overall experience for your family. It is also what makes FL Mover R Us different from the other guys.


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