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When should I call a moving company?
It’s wise to give your moving company about two to four week’s notice. The more lead time you can give the more likely they’ll be able to meet your preferred moving date.

Do I need an estimate?
Yes. An agent will take a survey prior to the move regarding your belongings that will be transported. It is required to determine the estimated cost of the move. The agent will estimate the service cost and give you a written Estimate/Order for Service. Bear in mind that estimates are only guidelines.  Charges for local shipments are calculated on an hourly basis. A minimum number of hours may be required.

Is an interstate shipment different than an in state move?
Yes, for interstate moves its a flat rate, local and in state moves are hourly.

How and when should I pay?
The best advised time to pay is when your belongings arrive at its destination. You can pay cash or Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?
Yes, but how much protection you have and its cost depend upon the “valuation” program you availed of. Ask Fl Movers R Us for more info. Insurance does not cover “customer packed boxes” however.

Are they capable of transporting “Highly-valued possessions?”
Yes. They will be handled with care and are insured. Review the moving company’s terms and conditions on this matter or you can ask your agent for details. Additional charges will be included. However, we strongly recommend that you carry irreplaceable and expensive possessions with you, or make other arrangements for their transport.

Can my possessions be stored temporarily?
Yes. In the event your destination still requires further renovation, repair and/or any other understandable reasons delaying your move, the moving company can provide you a well- maintained storage facility until you’re ready. Additional charges shall be implemented.

Do my appliances need special attention?
Yes, It is available upon request Fl Movers R Us will perform this service using their very own qualified personnel.

Can I pack fragile items?
Most people prefer to have their possessions, particularly fragile items, professionally packed by a moving company. However, if you decide to pack on your own, the basic principles of good packing include wrapping the items individually, allowing them plenty of cushioning and making sure they are firmly packed.
Cartons, paper and tape may be purchased from your local service provider for a small fee.

Can I pack my clothes in a chest or dresser drawers?
Yes, as long as your not going up or down stairs.

Can I move my frozen food?
Frozen food can be moved, but only under specific, restricted conditions.

Can I move jewelry and other valuables?
Highly valuable items such as money, jewelry, photographs, antiques and stamp collections can be included in your shipment. You should notify your FL Mover’s R Us agent of these items before packing or during the day of the move.

Can I move my house plants?
No, because they have bugs and we don’t want that on your furniture or anyone else’s.

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